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Bachelor of Science in Education with Biology and Chemistry

Program Leader
Program Duration
8 Terms=3 Years
Entry Requirements
Combinations: PCB,MCB with 2 principal passes(at least Letter E) in Bilogy and Chemistry
Program Award
Bachelor with Honors in Education with Chemistry and Biology
Study Mode
Cost per Term
Cost per Term
Program Modules
E101-Introduction to Philosophy Ethics & Rwandan culture
E102-Communication Skills & IT
E132-Fundamentals of Mathematics
E133-Cytology and Genetics
E155-Intro to Computer Skills & Scientific Research
E185-General Physics
E186-General Chemistry
E187-General Zoology
E156-Intro to Educational Psychology
E201-Learning Evaluation
E216-General Pedagogy and Methodology
E239-Intro to Organic Chemistry
E234-Human Biology
E235-Stereochemistry & Mechanism of Reactions
E285-Physical Chemistry
E286-General Botany
E329-Intro to Biochemistry & organic chemistry
E342-Ecology & Entomology
E346-Microbiology & parasitology and Immunology
E343-Teaching Methods of Biology & Chemistry
E344-Biology& chemistry Curriculum Development
E345-Inorganic chemistry and Electrochemistry
E401-Class Management
E 441-Industrial Chemistry
E433-School Legislation & Teachers' Deontology
E437-Plant and Animal Structure & Function
E438-Developmental Biology & Economic Biology
E440-Analytical chemistry
E 541-Advanced analytical chemistry
E501-Research Methodology
E503-School Placement
E538-History & Philosophy of Biology Education and chemistry
E539-Environmental chemistry
E540-Molecular Biology & Biotechnology