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Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Program Leader
Program Duration
3 Years=6 Terms
Entry Requirements
Program Award
Bachelor with Honors in Theology
Study Mode
Cost per Term
Cost per Term

Our vision for the program of Theology is to be the Rwandan National Centre of training and education of Christian evangelical faith workers, particularly from the Free Methodist denomination.

The program will contribute to the spiritual health of Rwanda which is a critical component of individual well-being and societal development. This program will give students a competitive and quality knowledge at the national and international level; giving intellectual, moral, professional and scientific knowledge of religious sciences and promoting research in this domain; forming men and women capable of understanding the history and practice of the Christian religion to meet the needs of society and the challenges of the church; upholding faith while promoting the spirit of ecumenism, tolerance in a pluralistic world and facilitating an inter-faith dialogue through research centers and publications. Students who successfully complete this program will be equipped to understand the Christian religion, which will allow them to provide service to society as pastors or teachers of the religion and morality.

They will also be able to work for national and international ecumenical or evangelical organizations. To become so, graduate will undertake action research and successfully complete the following modules:

Program Modules
T101-Bible Survey
T102-Epistle of st paul
T103-General Epistle
T105-Historical Books
T106-Poetics Books
T107-Bible Foundation of Christian Education
T108-Educational Ministries of the Church
T110-Introduction to Anthropology
T123-Prophetic Books
T124-Introduction to Missions
T125-Church and African Missions
T126-Theology I
T127-Theology II
T128-General Psychology
T129-Religious psychology
C123-Introduction to Computer
T113-Ethics and Rwandan Culture
T212-Daniel and Revelation
T213-Evangelism and Church Implantation
T215-Theology III
T216-Contemporary Theology
T223-World Religions
T224-Muslim Study
T225-Traditional African Sects and Religions
T227-Introduction to Sociology
T228-Introduction to Philosophy
T201-Greek of the New Testament I
T226-Mission of 21st Century
T221-Greek of the New Testament II
T211-Hebrew of Old Testament
T222-Hebrew of the Old testament
T317-Historic of christianity II
T318-Democracy and human right
T319-Introduction to socio-psychological counselling
T321-Pastoral theology
T323-Teaching principles
T324-Leadership development
T316-Historic of christianity i
T322-Youth education
T326-History of christianity in africa
T327-History of methodism
T325-Organization and administration of christian
T314-Vocal ensemble of worship
T320-Hymnology, Church Service, Praise and Worship
T311-Exegetic study
T328-Initiation to research