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Bachelor in Education With Mathematics and Physics

Program Leader
Program Duration
8 Terms=3 Years
Entry Requirements
Program Award
Bachelor with Honors in Education with Mathematics and Physics
Study Mode
Cost per Term
Cost per Term
Program Modules
E101-Intro to Phil Ethics Philosophy and Rwandan culture
E102-Communication Skills & IT
E130-Fundamentals of Algebra
E131-Real Analysis I
E155-Intro to Computer Skills & Scientific Research
E181-Classical Mechanics
E182-Electricity & Magnetism
E183-Analytical Geometry
E184-Oscillations & Waves
E156-Intro to Educational Psychology
E201-Learning Evaluation
E231-Real Analysis II
E232-Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics
E216-General Pedagogy & Methodology
E281-Ordinary Differential Equations
E289-Probability and Statistics
E284-Modern Physics
E330-Intro to Functional Analysis & Topology
E331-Complex Analysis
E332-Teaching Methods of Mathemetics & Physics
E333-History & Philosophy of Mathematics & Physics
E334-Real Multivariable Calculus
E335-Mathematics & Physics Curriculum Development
E401-Class Management
E430 -Differential Geometry and Lie Algebra
E431-Numerical Analysis and Programming
E432-Partial Differential Equations and Applied
E433-School Legislation & Teachers' Deontology
E435-Statistical Physics
E501-Research Methodology
E503-School Placement
E530-Stochastic Analysis and Time Series
E531-Group Representation Theory
E533-Quantum Mechanics
E532-Introduction to electrodynamics and electronics