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Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Program Leader
Program Duration
2 Terms=1 Year
Entry Requirements
1.Graduate degree or honors degree in a school-curriculum discipline
  • Existing graduate teachers seeking to update and achieve further qualifications for their learning, teaching and assessment skills
  • 2.Existing teachers with degrees or honors degrees.
    3.All entrants must demonstrate English Language and ICT proficiency consistent with the minimum national entry standards for postgraduate awards
    Program Award
    Postgraduate Diploma in Education
    Study Mode
    Cost per Term
    Cost per Term

    This program offers to students the opportunity to explore different educational areas in detail. All Students are given opportunity to build knowledge and understanding of education disciplines and work on small-scale research projects. This diploma is targeted towards individuals who want to teach in secondary schools but have a bachelor’s degree in a different field other than education. For these students, classes include but not limited to curriculum design and assessment, Principles & practice of teaching, class management and School administration.

    One of the benefits of earning a postgraduate diploma is that there are usually more career opportunities available for these students than for those with just a bachelor’s degree. Graduates fit in different formal education settings such as public, private schools, college and universities. They can also opt to become education consultants, education policy makers and leaders in education industry.

    Postgraduate diploma in education aims at the following:

    • To prepare future professionals and equip them with competencies that will boost education in secondary schools.
    • To develop in trainees the skills required to plan and implement teaching, learning and assessment strategies which meet the needs of the curriculum and learners within secondary education sector
    • To develop critical thinking skills and apply these in teaching and learning context.
    • To support trainees in undertaking action research into their practice.
    • To enable trainees to work collegially and establish teaching and research groups through collaborative learning.


    1. Mature graduates seeking to construct a new career in secondary education. A commitment to a future career in secondary education must be demonstrated at interview.

    2. Existing graduate teachers seeking to update and achieve further qualifications for their learning, teaching and assessment skills.

    Program Modules
    Teaching, learning assessment
    Curriculum design and assessment
    Principles& practice of teaching
    Educational Psychology
    Sociology of education
    Deontology for teachers
    Education technology
    Class management
    School administration
    Action research & professional development
    Teaching practice